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Building the decentralized new social graph data layer and infrastructure for decentralized social networks

facepulse FPLS contract address:


On Ethereum and soon to be copied to PulseChain

NOTE: We advice to create a NEW Metamask account and add this contract address to your NEW Metamask account
(to not dox your money-self by using your money-account, do not use any of your money-Metamask accounts for facepulse, instead create an entirely new separate Metamask account for building your facepulse social graph identity, preferably in a different browser)

Request airdrop of free facepulse social networking tokens by sharing your facepulse-account to people you know have tokens. Sharing is caring, and sharing free facepulse and social tokens builds your karma.

Like this:


facepulse creator Hans Johansen homepage

Hans Johansen on Facebook

facepulse info videos on YouTube

Fully decentralized social graph built on PulseChain

f FPLS Contract address:

Orgin address:

Tokens and coins from orgin address

Creator Hans Johansen public facepulse address:

By sending each other free social tokens we are building up our ever increasingly complex web of social profiles. Free, open, fully decentralized on the PulseChain blockchain.
Applications will then be able to read these social graphs and create social networking applications on top of the data. We are working on this.

In the meantime start building.
The building of our social graphs began with creator Hans Johansen, see homepage. Hans Johansen got FPLS tokens from the contract creator address. Hans Johansen will do airdrops of tokens to people where Hans Johansen know who they are, and they are then asked to do the same – give tokens free to people they know so that the social graphs are built.

The Facepulse Friend Token FPLS was created on the Ethereum blockchain on May 1. 2022. The first distribution of tokens happened on May 3 when one billion FPLS was transferred to creator Hans Johansen.

facepulse is launching on Ethereum in full expectation of the soon to launch PulseChain blockchain where most of the building will take place. If you are a know public profile in the PulseChain Hex Richard Heart ecosystem please set up a brand new Metamask account for your facepulse profile and share this address with Hans Johansen to receive a free airdop of tokens. Then please join in the building by sending free tokens to people you know.

facepulse is a PulseChain centric project that is early launching on Ethereum to be scaling up on PulseChain, the new blockchain by Richard Heart